About Us

In 2004, graduated from Agriculture and Forestry of Ho Chi Minh University. With a major in Food Technology, During the time I studied at the school, I successfully built a brand as QUOC VIET printing and photocopying service (2001 – 2006). Realizing that I had no affinity with my undergraduate major, in 2008 I began to explore the business operation systems of agro-pharmaceutical companies, updating the necessary knowledge for agronomy training.

Founding member:
1. Hai Au Saigon Co., ltd, since 2011. (C.E.O: 2011 – 2016).
2. Cambodia Sciense Crops Co., ltd, since 2013
3. SARA Trade Cooperation Co., ltd (SARACOOP), since 2016.
Senior advisor:
1. Hung Phu Nong Co., ltd, since 2016
2. KAMS Agriculture (Cambodia) Co., ltd, since 2016
3. The system of retail stores of agricultural materials Ba Khia, from 2018.
With the nature of being eager to learn, like business, and always searching for new technology products to serve the country’s agriculture, I have traveled to many countries to choose products that solve tree pest problems. popular and difficult to overcome in the current period in Vietnam.
Saracoop dedicated to clean green agriculture, in 2016 I started the process of exploring new technology products in developed countries: Korea, India, Japan, Australia, and China.
Period 2019 – 2022: With the slogan “Back to serve”, after 3 years of not directly involved in running the business, focusing on researching and discovering new technology products, I decided to bring the products. That product import to Vietnam and started building Sara brand.