Uno បន្សាបជាតិពុល

Use: used in cases of botulism, physiological abnormalities.

    – Detox growth stimulant: GA3, NAA, Paclobutrazole, Uniconazole, Atonik… ..
    – Restoration of poisoned trees by bvtv spraying overdose, affecting the spraying of herbicides.
    – Restoring detoxification of plants suffering from organic poisoning and poisoning due to saline intrusion.
    – Digest the excess NPK in the tree
    – Participate in the treatment of the original cause of fruit tree pus.
    – Overcoming the phenomena caused by nutritional disorders: mango stalks fall rain night. Deciduous, chili when normal plants are not infected with fungi.

Dosage used: Depending on the purpose of use, select the appropriate concentration:

    – Use as normal nutrition: 1gr / 25 liter (10gram pack / 10 sprayer 20-25lit), stimulate flowering, increase pollination of flowers, provide quick nutrition for plants, improve roots development.
    – Recover trees after harvesting, weak trees: 3gr / 20 – 25 liters (Pack of 10gr: 3 bottles).
    – Use of overcoming organic poisoning, pesticide poisoning (Grass, pests, fertilizers, stimulating growth): 5gr / bottle of 20-25 liters, depending on the level of poisoning, increase the dose to use 10gr / bottle 20 -25 liters.
    – Nutritional supplement during nematode treatment: 5gr / bottle of 20-25 liters
    – Join in the course of treatment Durian: 10gr / 25 liters of water (80 grams / drum).