SARA – KOREABIO visit Dragon fruit farm in Binh Thuan Province

In Oct 09-10th.2019, Saracoop and Koreabio have visit Dragon fruit farm in Binh Thuan province, Dragon fruit kingdom in Vietnam.

Some activities of the trip: visit farm, meet farmer using ColorDub, and keep some sample disease in dragon fruit farmer meet in this time bring to Koreabio lab in Korea.

ColoruDub product resuft in Dragon very good: Using before harvest 5 -7 days the color up very beautiful

Lên màu Thanh Long
Bài thuốc lên màu thanh long

Uno testing with experimental layout: decomposing pesticide residues to meet export requirements.

Mr. Hai (on right) the Boss farm testing Uno

Doing: farmer spray pesticides chemical 3 – 5days, after using Uno 10gr/25lit sprayer and after 3 days testing in lab, Testing pesticide residues.